Garnethill Multicultural Food Hub

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The Garnethill Multicultural Community Food Hub is a new way of distributing food in our community in a way that increases choice and dignity in the process. A better way than simply handing out food parcels. Anyone can join the food hub and paying a small weekly membership fee that depends on what benefits you get, you can take home between 5 and 20 kilos of food every week. And you get to choose what items you can take!

CWIN has been running a food security programme since 2012. In February 2022 we transformed our former food bank into a community food hub, enabling our community members to access community food provision with more dignity and have choice over the food they take home.

Not only that but since it opened in February the Food Hub has distributed over 10 tonnes of food to over 750 households - saving at least 5 tonnes of food from landfill!

The food hub is similar to a pantry. The hub members can choose 15 (small household) / 25 (large household) items from the hub. Most of the food in the hub is supply chain surplus, saved from landfill. However, the membership fee enables us to bulk purchase items that are rarely donated and we can now offer culturally relevant food. 

We are always happy to receive donations of food, household goods and toiletries for the food hub. Please contact:


Current opening hours*:

Thursday & Friday from 1:30

*These times might vary and are subject to public holidays, please contact us for the latest info or check your texts (if you are already a member)

Membership fees:

£1.50 for people in the asylum-seeker system 
£2.50 for people on benefits
£5.00 for anyone else 

Please note that if you are in hardship, you can always talk to us about accessing the hub without paying the fee.