Past Projects

Youth ProjectSS2

CWIN has obtained funding from the Big Lottery Fund’s Young Start programme to set up a Youth Project for young people from black and minority ethnic, asylum seeker and refugee communities. 

The project will be run with young people themselves at the heart of decision making for project activities. It will bring young people from diverse backgrounds together, encourage friendships by working together and supporting each other, reduce isolation, boost children's confidence in themselves, their ideas and abilities, and encourage them to assert their skills and ideas in innovative activities and enterprise.

The Youth Project will have four clubs – an Outdoor/Adventure Club, a Young Chefs and Mini Café Project, an Arts and Photography Club and a Newsletter Project

Initially in summer 2017 the Project is running weekly activities at the Summer Sessions.

Food Security Projectimage6

Central and West Integration Network is working in partnership with Community Food and health Scotland to carry out a community led research into food security. Central and West Integration Network recruited 11 volunteers who attended a number of training sessions, held interviews with community members and analysed evidence collected in the process.