'We Gather By the Light of the Flickering Screen' Film Screening for Refugee Week

9 June 2021

Join us for a Youtube Live screening of 'We Gather By The Light of the Flickering Screen', shown as part of Refugee Week 2021. The screening will include a live introduction and interactive discussion afterwards!
"Gather by the light of your computer screen for this heart-warming nautical tale of mermaids, pirates and cookie monsters that will have the whole family enthralled. Starring members of CWIN’s online social and craft group, the glitchy format of Zoom is turned on its head to create a hilarious show for kids and adults alike.
Throughout the pandemic, this online group has engaged families and individuals undergoing the asylum process in Glasgow, providing a chance to relax and enjoy some creativity amid the challenges of lockdown. Facilitated by theatre-maker Marie Hamilton and artist Felicity White, the group created puppet characters and storylines. A public storymaking session in Queens Park also provided inspiration for the play, and created a link between the group and the wider Glasgow community during lockdown.
Within the play comes the message - don’t let fear rule the way you approach people who are different to yourself. You never know what pleasant surprises you might discover...!"

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