CWIN Creative Project Opportunity - Role Description

10 March 2021

Location – Central and West Integration Network, Garnethill, Glasgow (Will include remote working)  Dates – Running from April 12th to end of June 2021 (Approx 2.5 months). 1 day a week, but able to  work flexibly with prior agreement.  

Salary - £1,750 (£25/hr x 10 days of working in total) + £1,100 Material Costs (Workshops + Ar/st)  Deadline to apply - Friday 19th March, 10am 

Project Purpose 

A Thread is a Journey - To develop a series of creative and collaborative workshops and/or ac/vi/es  with service users at Central and West Integration Network (CWIN) exploring themes of pattern and  textiles. Inspired by textiles from the many different cultures of people they work with, the group  wishes to develop their own patterns and fabric designs. The structure of the project and ac/vi/es  will need to be developed with CWIN and can be flexible over the 2.5 months (e.g. one workshop a  week to full week of engagements). You will be working with adult participants (18+) and they will  have a range of English language levels. There will need to be consideration for language and  accessibility when creating workshops and activities and you will need to work with CWIN and GSA  to develop a suitable programme. We hope this opportunity will provide a platform for self expression, creativity and an opportunity for both participants and the creative to learn and share  new skills and experiences.  

The key aims of the project will be facilitating new cultural experiences and opportunities to learn  and develop creative skills through designing and creating artifacts /artworks. The outputs of the  project are open and flexible, could be an object/s, a publication etc., but it will be necessary that  

the outputs are created in collaboration with participants and can be exhibited at the end of the  project for Refugee Week (14th - 21st June). We have budgeted to cover costs of printing fabric at  GSA’s Centre for Advanced Textiles and CWIN has team members who can support with sewing. The  exhibition or final event will need to adapt to current Covid restrictions, potentially exploring online  or outdoor formats. You will need to be able to demonstrate the impact of the project and provide  documentation of the process.  

This residency is funded by CWIN, GSA Exhibitions and GSA Community Engagement. You will be  supported by all three during the project and delivery of final exhibition.  

Central and West Integration Network Profile  

Central and West Integration Network was established in September 2009 and became registered as  a Scottish Charity in 2011. We aim to build a network that brings people together, including formal  and informal community groups, agencies and individuals, to seek to ensure that all refugees, asylum  seekers, migrant workers and BME communities across Glasgow and Central Scotland have full and  equal access to resources which assist in alleviating poverty, improving their standard of living and  promoting their settlement and integration within the wider community. We do so especially by  building the strengths of groups within and across communities, and whenever possible by bringing  together people from different communities, including the majority community, for common action  and activities.  

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With changes to Covid-19 restrictions being unknown, we want to ensure that this project can be  adaptable and can continue if restrictions continue through the year. This project will need to follow  the current Covid-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of the participants, the creative and the CWIN  team. The creative will be supported with this by being provided with protective equipment and  support on how to plan and deliver the ac/vi/es safely, whether remotely or in-person, including risk  assessments.  

If restrictions are s/ll high and in-person ac/vi/es are not allowed, we will use activity packs as a key  way of engaging with participants. Using CWIN’s food delivery service on Fridays, the activity packs  can be delivered to participants and be supported through Zoom sessions, videos or other forms of  interaction. If restrictions are lowered there may be opportunity to hold sessions outdoors or at the  Garnethill Multicultural Centre where CWIN is based. We welcome any thoughts or ideas on how to  deliver activities remotely through engaging and meaningful approaches. 

Ideal Candidate Requirements:  

• GSA graduate from any creative background/discipline  

• Based in Glasgow, UK  

• Experience in the following would be advantageous, but is not a requirement:  • Lived experience or experience working with refugees and asylum seekers  

• Planning and running workshops  

• Experience working with people with a range of English Language levels  

What to submit in your Application:  

- Cover letter and CV  

- Examples of previous work (max. 4 examples)  

- Project Proposal – 500 words maximum inc. es/mated break down of material costs  - Files must be submitted as PDF or Word documents  

We are looking for project proposals that demonstrate how you will creatively engage with your  participants to develop and encourage creativity and skill development. You must outline what the  potential outputs will be and how the proposal can be adapted to suit changing Covid-19 restrictions,  in line with the adaptations we outlined above.  


Deadline for Applications – Friday 19th March, 10am 

Please submit your submissions to Harriet Simms, Community Engagement Officer, via email with  subject line ‘CWIN Creative Project’. Email -  

We will hold interviews via Zoom with selected applicants before appointing the role. We are  planning to hold interviews during w/c 22nd March. Timings will be confirmed on offer of an  interview. If you have any questions, please contact Harriet via email or call on  0141 566 1306.

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