Jamaican Cooking yesterday at the Gathering Ground!

7th November 2023

Organised in partnership with Glasgow Community Food Network, and led by Vanessa from Gathering Ground, yesterday's cooking class was a delightful journey into Ital cuisine! Ital is a traditional form of vegan cooking from Jamaica, stemming from Rastafarian culture.
Sweet potatoes were swapped with freshly grown potatoes from the Gathering Ground garden, fava beans were used instead of chickpeas, and we added kale, freshly picked! By embracing seasonal ingredients and reducing food miles, we're making sustainable food choices.
Did you know Scotch Bonnet peppers got their name from the Scottish Tam o’Shanter? Our tummies were full, and our hearts were filled with gratitude for the diverse cultures in our city. Join us for the next class on December 4th! Get in touch with Jenny at JennyMac_gcfn@outlook.com or 07915781344 to join.
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