Dignity in Practice: Read about CWIN's case study

15th May 2024

CWIN is committed to nurturing a supportive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can thrive and flourish. We also acknowledge the pivotal role volunteers play in driving positive change through their selfless dedication.

Vivien Opiolka, our Senior Development Officer, has written a case study about how we implement Dignity principles in practice when establishing a volunteering programme at a community food setting. Published by Nourish Scotland, this article serves as a testament to the enduring partnership between CWIN and its volunteers, and the ripple effect of community development initiatives. 

Here is Vivien's advice when implementing the Dignity principles for the first time: “Make sure that you have some kind of structure in place that helps volunteers to contribute to decision making, something that works for your particular project. Get to know your volunteers and keep them in mind individually, when you see opportunities that might benefit them.”

Read all about it here.

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